Nightshadow is seeking clients/investigative sites, please contact us for information.

Nightshadow Paranormal Group

NSPG is a Texas based paranormal research organization dedicated to studying, investigating and documenting the behavior and existance of ghosts and other paranormal phenomena.  In addition to site investigations and research we hope to help educate the public on Paranormal phenomena and items of interest and to guide others who may be considering embarking on their own Paranormal journey.  
  • We can work with individuals, families or other groups to document ghostly/paranormal behavior at your home, business or other site.
  • We are all mature paranormal investigators.
  • All investigators have many years experience in paranormal study and all have personally witnessed paranormal events.
  • There are many goals and potential benefits in securing hard data (video, audio recordings, documentation of unexplained environmental variants, other photos, witness accounts, etc.) and these may include personal peace of mind, potential marketing opportunities for your business or other assistance. 
  • We are currently limited to Northeast and Southeast TX-Greater Tyler and Palestine area, Greater Huntsville and  Grimes, Madison, Walker and Montgomery Counties, however any area in TX will be considered.
  • There is no charge for our services, but any assistance with travel expense is appreciated.
  • Please contact us for further information.

Collins House Investigation/June 2016

Mists in Photo

Want to learn more about EVP and how to record, edit and use on your own Paranormal adventures?  This book provides an excellent resource and helps to wade through the technical aspects of editing audio files.  
Home study programs in Paranormal disciplines including EVP, Paranormal Investigating, UFO study and others.  All are CD based, affordable and self paced.  Each offers a final test and certificate at completion.  

SPIRIT BOX - easy to use, affordable and effective with practice and persistence.  Small size and very portable.