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     Who We Are

We are a group of dedicated investigators passionate about researching and learning about the Paranormal world.  Collectively, we have many years interest and experience in the field.
Paranormal:  denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance which are beyond the scope of normal understanding.



Toni Deer:    
Toni is the Team Leader and Founder of the group with about 35 years experience in genealogical research expanded over the last several years to the Paranormal field. " I have always loved roaming graveyards and old buildings, now I am able to do it with a dual purpose.  Paranormal behavior and the concept of interacting with spiritual entities have long fascinated me and I am fortunate enough to be able to pursue this passion." Toni is a Physician Assistant with 30 years experience in Primary Care Medicine.  "And since I also work with all my amazing Team Members, I can personally attest to their  prowess at work as well as to their investigational talents."

Patti Ibarra:   
Patti is a proud mom, a happily married wife and an extraordinary nurse.  This is what she said about herself:  "I am a nurse.  I have been in the healthcare field since I was thirteen, as a Candy Striper.  I have always loved people, animals, and plants. In nature, I could walk up to any animal and pick it up without chasing it. I brought home blue jays, red birds, and squirrels and drove my mama crazy! I am an empath.  I feel the emotions and pain of others, which helps me to know what my special needs daughter needs. I am approachable, I attract total strangers in public places.  I am suddenly their confidant. I have always felt a connection to the Afterlife. I love to learn about  new and different things. Finally, I have the opportunity to explore those connections and  see how my life on earth relates to the Afterlife."    
Misty Williams:  
Misty is married with five children.  She is a Licensed Vocational Nurse and is efficient, proficient and proactive in her work.  She is intuitive and also feels a connection to the Afterlife.  As our Team Member, she is invaluable because she feels things that others may not and she always knows right where to point the camera.  She realized her first connection early in her married life when she lived in the home of her recently deceased father-in-law.  She said, "I was in the kitchen and felt something pull on the back of my shirt and thought it was my son and when I turned around there was no one there."  Her husband said that his dad often did that to get people's attention since he was wheelchair-bound.  Friends have remarked that they think she has something "attached" to her that attracts entities.  

Kristi Curry:  Kristi is also a Registered Nurse and Charge Nurse at her facility.  She is upbeat, energetic and always able to ferret out what is really important in an avalanche of trivia.  She relates that "My interest in the Paranormal began when my son was 5 years old.  Suddenly he wanted all the lights in the house left on.  I had no idea why he was asking this until he told his grandmother 'Meme, I'm seeing people no one can see.'  Mind you, this was before the movie, The Sixth Sense came out so I had no reason to think he was making it up.  Shortly thereafter, this all quieted down until he happened to spend the night at my grandparents' house and was awakened by the sound of people talking and walking out of the closet and into his great-grandparents' bedroom.  He said they smiled and waved but he was terrified.  When he told this story to my family I was astounded to learn that the closet was at one time where the front door had been in the old renovated home!  This experience really strengthened my desire to learn more about the Afterlife and our relationship to those beyond."

Julia Casselberry:  
Julia is also a Licensed Vocational Nurse with 20 years in nursing,  (do you notice a trend here??) Julia is married and has three daughters, two step-daughters and six grandchildren. She is a spot-on intuitive and has a lot of fresh ideas to add to our mix.  She said, "I have always been able to sense the presence of a spirit and over the years have sometimes seen them and actually been able to speak to them."


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